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Sponge in PU (medical grade) for intimate care products.



Soft tampons sponge is a lightweight protection product specially designed for women during menstruation. It uses an ultra-fine fiber sponge as the main absorbent material, which is soft and thin, and can closely fit the body while providing maximum absorption and protection. This product aims to provide an efficient and comfortable menstrual care solution for women to live and exercise freely during their periods.


Compared with ordinary sanitary napkins, Soft tampons sponge has the following advantages:

1. Ultra-high absorbency: uses a patented absorbent sponge, the absorption capacity is 3-5 times that of ordinary cotton sanitary napkins, which can effectively prevent leakage and seepage. 


2. Light and comfortable: the material is lightweight and soft, closely fitting the skin without feeling foreign matter, and suitable for long-term wearing.  


3. High breathability: the use of lymph and wound healing technology has extremely high breathability and steam diffusion, feeling refreshingly comfortable.


4. Unlike traditional cotton sanitary napkins that need to be replaced frequently, Soft tampons sponge can be worn for a longer time, are convenient and easy to use, saving women's time and energy.  


PUSPONGE uses fully automated production lines and can provide customers with customized OEM services, including product research and development, production specification selection, packaging customization, brand design, etc.


Our sponge sanitary napkins have passed strict biosafety laboratory testing and meet international quality and safety standards, trusted and chosen by women. Welcome inquiries and cooperation from major purchasers and agents! We will sincerely provide you with high-quality products and perfect sales support.



An active life during periods with the buffer

Special lacing foam for optimal protection for up to 8 hours at a time

Thanks to him, we continue to play sports, dance, swim, go to the sauna, and even have sex.

Comfortable and discreet, it fits easily and pulls out by hooking the notch with your finger.


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Soft tampons sponge women periods

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