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1. Finger mini air cushion puff has a Slim air cushion puff Cloud-like touch

Do not eat powder, fine and soft waxy.

Small and portable, skin-friendly and comfortable


2. Finger mini air cushion puff wet and dry

Fine adjustment of makeup

Dry repair to create exquisite makeup

It can be collocation with gloss paste, blush cream, dressing paste, etc.


3. Finger mini air cushion puff compact and thick texture feel as smooth as cotton

  Sponge-fixed makeup has good elasticity and is not easy to float and powder does not accumulate

 • Retained tip design

 Finger mini air cushion puff can be slim tip Small pointed edge, fit to small corners of the face, no dead corner, exquisite makeup

Soft texture, high elasticity

 Finger mini air cushion puff wide underside like tapping with your fingers, the makeup is elastic and fixed, and the makeup fits the skin


4. Finger mini air cushion puff has finger size, easy to create perfect makeup

Save the wings of the nose and the eyes. It's easy to use


5. Finger mini air cushion puff has widened ribbon design

Thick and meticulous edging is not easy to be off-line

It is easy to control the pressing amount and is not easy to slip


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Finger mini air cushion puff Makeup Sponge

  • Product name

    Finger mini air cushion puff makeup powder puff




    white, pink, or can customized


    DHL/FedEx/EMS/TNT/UPS/China Post Air Mai/Sea/Air




    PayPal,  T/T(30%deposit,70%balance before delivery)


    Facial Powder Makeup Sponge Blender


    Professional High

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