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Cellulose Sponge Mop Head


Cellulose Sponge Mop Head Details

Mop your floors quickly and efficiently using this Cellulose Sponge Mop Head! This Cellulose Sponge Mop head features a synthetic cellulose sponge design that absorbs liquids faster than comparable alternatives. Use it with a compatible steel mop handle (sold separately) to get the job done in no time!

With this sponge mop head, you'll be able to clean and sanitize kitchen floors, restroom floors, lobby floors, and hallways. Pair it with a double pail (sold separately) to separate the cleaning solution, rinse water, and ensure proper cleaning every time. This cellulose mop head cleans easily thanks to its durable design and unique synthetic construction.



Cellulose Sponge Mop Head


Package, Size, Shape


12 Inches




Cellulose Sponge






Mop Heads


PUSPONGE is a professional manufacturer and exporter of sponge products supply. we carry a large selection of foam products for a wide range of applications at very competitive prices!


We have two lines of products;

One is Personal Care Products: Konjac Sponge, Konjac Facial Mask, Makeup SpongeCellulose Cosmetics SpongeBaby Bath Sponge, Sponge Face Mask, etc.

Another line is Sponge Supply: Activated Carbon Foam Filter SpongeKitchen Cleaning Cellulose SpongesMedical Sponges, Pillows Sponge, Mattresses Sponge, etc.


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Cellulose Sponge Mop Head

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